When does the appointment of Enduring Guardian take effect?

The appointment of your enduring guardian takes effect only if you become unable to make your own personal or lifestyle decisions. Your enduring guardian may wish to seek the opinion of a medical practitioner about your capacity to make decisions before acting on your behalf.

When does the appointment of Enduring Guardian end?

An Enduring Guardianship appointment ends:

  • When you die;
  • If you revoke the appointment;
  • If you marry after appointing an enduring guardian;
  • If one of the guardians dies, resigns or becomes incapacitated and they are appointed jointly (unless you provide otherwise in the form); and
  • If the Guardianship Tribunal revokes the appointment of an enduring guardian.

You need to discuss the appointment with your chosen enduring guardian and make sure they are willing to take on this responsibility.

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